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Artificial Lawn and Landscaping Products

Why Install Artificial Grass?

Whether it’s strong winds, rain, heat, or saltwater damage, upkeep for a natural grass lawn can be costly in South Florida. With an artificial lawn installation, your yard will stay immaculate no matter the weather. Installing an artificial grass lawn is:

  • Non-Toxic: The turf installed in your space is 100% chemical and fertilizer-free. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass isn’t susceptible to diseases or pests.
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free: Syntech Turf’s artificial lawns are a low-maintenance solution for any size yard. You’ll reduce time spent on landscaping while displaying a beautiful green lawn year-round.
  • Cost-Effective: Artificial landscaping saves you money on water, maintenance and costs less over time than real grass.
  • Long-Lasting: Are you tired of saltwater and stormy weather roughing up your lawn? We build our artificial lawn products to withstand harsh conditions brought by South Florida’s tropical storms and heatwaves. That way, you can worry less and enjoy more. 
  • Ideal for Commercial or Residential Lawns: An artificial lawn installation will make any yard look incredible. Upgrade the appearance of your hotel, apartment complex, or backyard with artificial grass. You can even install artificial grass around your pool area or patio.

Product Features

These unique features are what make our artificial lawn products great:

Protection Against UV Rays: Syntech’s products are protected from sun damage with top-of-the-line UV stabilizers. Our UV repelling technology keeps your artificial lawn greener for longer. 

Enhanced Drainage Performance: Our well-graded silica infill is non-toxic, chemically stable and fracture-resistant. It offers protection from flooding with superior drainage capabilities.

Recyclable Polymers: We make our artificial lawn products with polyethylene or polypropylene, which you can easily recycle after use.

Soft Surface: Unlike other landscaping, our synthetic turf products will never surprise you with buried glass or harmful objects. Its surface is designed to share the same look and feel of fresh, natural grass.

Our Top Rated Products for Lawns and Landscapes

St Augustine

Syntech St Augustine Lawn